Epping Rover Crew's 'The Moot'

The biggest annual Sydney North Region Rover event is the Rover's Moot which has this year been organised by our own Epping Rover Crew.

Over 150 Rovers from all around the east coast of Australia and including even crews from as far north as Queensland, and as far south as Victoria, braved the long and windy road down from Mittagong to Wollondilly River Station to join Epping Rovers for this wonderful Moot.

Activities included a B & S ball, beer and donut relay, re-enactments of quality daytime TV, thong tossing, finding lost cans, balloon relays, and the only wash these guys get during the moot - a soapy wrestle.

Numerous people also drove back up the hill with new, but not necessarily improved, haircuts.

Forest Rover Crew won fair and square and their prize is that they get to organise next year's Moot. Very tired Epping Rovers were happy to pass on this honour after a year of planning and hard work.

The Weekly Times, April 06, 2005