Epping Rovers win themselves a job!

Epping Moot

Epping Rovers have won the right to organise next year's Sydney North Region's Moot (a gathering of scouts over 18).

The tradition is that the regional winner of the 'skin' at each Moot takes on the organiser's role the following year.

Held at the Colo River this year under the title 'The Moot Must Be Crazy', about 150 Rovers met and enjoyed themselves for a weekend while competing in such competitions as banana wrestling, a survivor puzzle and a trivia hunt. Con-gratulations Epping Rovers.

Part of Epping Rovers winning ways are their support and encouragement to other scouts. On a recent Friday they organised a games night for Venturers, 15 to 17-year-old scouts, from both Epping and Meadow-bank groups. Including competitive games and trust games, everyone had a great time and of course want to continue in their scouting adventures.

The Weekly Times, April 14 2004