It's all go for young and old

One of the great things about scouting is you can get involved at almost any age.

Rovers is the senior section for those aged 18 to 25 years old. Rovers run their own activities and in TWT territory there are three active Rover Crews at Brush Park, Epping and Hunters Hill. Crews meet one night each week, but this is only the beginning of the busy life which is rovers.

All our groups are participating in the annual Rover's Hike for Hunger. Crews have been collecting canned food for the Wesley Mission to provide to families in need.

On Saturday Olympic Park at Homebush will be awash with rovers as well as all the food they have collected which will be transported to Wesley's store. In previous years the food has been carried across the Harbour Bridge, thus the name Hike for Hunger, but as rovers collect more and more food the delivery system has had to be changed. In typical rover style the day will include a barbeque and lots of socialising.

If you join one of the local Rover Crews between now and Christmas you could go swing dancing, play Pictionary, camp at Myall Lake or go four-wheel driving at Stockton.

There will be cooking nights, movie nights and games nights, and this is just in the planned activities. Being a rover seems to also include endless barbeques and parties. It is never too late to join in scouting.

The Weekly Times, November 02, 2005