Rovers get stuck into Stucco

Scouting and Guiding includes the opportunity and training to be of service to others.

And scouting's Sydney North Region Rovers, which include TWT territories Brush Park and Epping Rover Crews, have just completed their annual joint Sydney North Region Rover Service project - to help out the Wesley Mission at their Mangrove Mountain Retreat.

Work started early on the Saturday, setting to work on building a children's playground and on removing old stucco off one of the lodges in preparation for recladding, digging trenches for water run-off, and cutting a bush track and laying mulch on a landscape garden.

Sunday was our turn. Brush Park Rover's set to work on recladding the lodge and Epping Rovers helped to finish the building of the playground and also assisted with the recladding of the lodge.

By Sunday afternoon Rovers of Sydney North really had something to show for their efforts and Wesley Mission was more than ecstatic with our Rovers' efforts and grateful that they had been able to assist them make the retreat a better place for disadvantaged youth and families.

The Weekly Times, 2006