Rovers race from the Rock

Four Rover Scouts have just returned from an epic journey from the centre of Australia to Sydney in under 30 hours non-stop!

1st Epping Rover Crew members Anthony Buckley, Peter Favelle, Mark Gurd and Scott Osborne decided to put the 'out' in Scouting one weekend and planned a race from Ayers Rock to Sydney, a distance of 2919km, with the aim of finishing in less than 30 hours.

"It sounded like a great adventure when I first heard about it" commented Anthony.

21 year old Anthony went on to say "the country we covered was varied and diverse in so many ways from the red earth of Ayers Rock and the Olgas to the flat Hay Plains. It was such a shame we were racing against the clock."

The four Rovers took turns in driving and their entire journey was captured on video and is being produced into a promotional video and to enter "Rovering's Greatest Adventure", a competition with a cash prize aimed at encouraging the 18 to 26 year old Rovers to go on an adventure they will remember for life.

"Most of the things we did will be on that video and I think you will be surprised how many different things can be done to keep awake in a car for a day and a half" said Mark.

Taken from The Weekly Times