The start of this 17 year period saw a reasonably strong Crew, with the year 1997 involving an 8km ski trek at Perisher, including the investiture of 3 new members. This was the year of the Crew’s 75th anniversary held at the hall.

The end of the decade featured a number of expeditions, including a 4WD trip to Fraser Island, a trip to Europe and four members (Angus Harris, Elisa Calnan, Hannah White and Phil Wade), completing a 3 week hike in Tasmania.

The beginning of the 21st Century was marked by the debut of the ‘partymaster BBQ’ to Epping. In this period East Ryde Rovers merged with Epping and a new Crew tent was bought. The year was also significant, as 1st Epping ran the event; ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Roventure,’ which saw 300 people attend and was, to date,
one of the best Roventures ever!

The 2001 NSW Rovers Branch Ball, ‘GamBALL,’ was succesfully run by Epping Rovers, and then in 2002, the Crew celebrated it’s 80th anniversary, which was extremely successful. Many ex-Crew members attended, and highlights included spokespersons Jim Jacobs from the 60s, Andy Davis from the 70s and Janelle Simpson from the 80s.

In 2004 the Crew attended Tassie Moot and focused a lot on service and fundraising, helping with Westfield gift wrapping, Taronga Zoo service, Lord Mayor’s picnic, wood delivery and helping out at Duke of Ed ceremonies. They also went on various weekend camps to Myall Lakes, Wollondilly and an Easter camp at Cowra.

In 2005 Epping ran ‘Mullet Moot’, the Sydney North Region Summermoot, at Goodman’s Ford, which won a ROSCAR for the best activity.

During 2006 the Crew program featured an emphasis on spirituality, with visits to the Baha’i Temple and the Church of Scientology, as well as service at Oz Harvest. The Crew also did a lot of geocaching. In this period,Brook Blunschi, a member of the Crew, achieved her BP award.

Wonka Moot, the 2007 Sydney North Region Summermoot was strongly attended by the Crew, who then volunteered to run “That 70s Moot” in 2008. They also focused a lot on Crew activities such as canyoning, abseiling, 4WDing and joint venturer nights like bowling, a science night, laser zone and Roventure.

In 2008 Scott Osborne and Kate Wilson became famous when they appeared on 2UE for the centenary of scouting! Also in 2008, Kate won “Most Outstanding Rover” at Mexican CRAP.

The following year, 2009, the Crew ran their first casino night, themed ‘Casino Royale’. Events that the Crew attended in these years included Aussie Moot at Cataract where the Crew ran a 4WD trip, Mudbash, Snowmoot and Kenya World Moot.

2010 saw the Crew run ‘Caesar’s Palace’ Casino Night. Peter Buckley, the 1st Epping Group Leader, was squired into the Crew. This year we won Seuss moot which then led to the 3rd triennial moot Epping ran, “Western Moot” in 2011. The Crew bought a new (bigger and better) Crew tent in 2011 and ran our third casino night “Halloween Casino Night”.

Jordan Hodgson achieved his Baden Powell Scout Award in 2012, and the Crew marked its 90th anniversary with a celebration at the hall. The Crew attended the Region Service Project at Camp Windeyer and ran “Deep Blue Sea!” Casino Night, which an entire crew of Melbourne Rovers attended!

Other regular events the Crew went to during this period included: Harbour Cruise, Magical Mystery Tour, CRAP, at which Scott Osborne was awarded the ROSCAR for “Most Outstanding Rover” (a combined win with Mitch Rath from Brush Park), Santa Claus Pub Crawl, Region dinners, Dragonskin, Roventure, Not a Moot and various Region, Branch and National moots.

The year of 2013 started brilliantly with Epping running a fabulous “Roventuresaurus” and an awesome kayaking trip with Kissing Point Rovers over Easter. However, the highlight for four members of the Crew was the Canada World Moot. Service picked up this year as well, including a “Clean Up Australia Day” evening and a very successful service weekend up at Stroud Monastery. The Crew finally replaced the good old ‘partymaster BBQ’ and got a new Crew “Must-Go-Box” for all our bits and pieces!

To cap off this excellent year, the Crew won the ROSCAR for “Outstanding Rover Crew,” with Crew Leader Scott Osborne being awarded the “Outstanding Rover” ROSCAR for a second year.

2014 began with WAM, Western Australia Moot, which saw six Epping Rovers attend and have a fabulous time. Activities which members of the Crew partook in included Sailing, Scuba Diving, Caving, Jetboating and most importantly, Service!

With a large number of squires in the Crew, four new Knights invested over the Summer period. With four feeder Venturer units and over 20 members, Epping definitely has some very big and exciting days to come!

(Reference: Linda “Onion Bum” Mitchell, Den Project 2014)

In the Early 1990’s, the Crew was in reasonable shape with about 10 members. As the decade progressed, the numbers seemed to expand a little for the Africa trip and then drop right off to a minimum of five. It was at risk of folding, if not for the large influx of Ventures at the beginning of 1996.

The Africa Trip took place in 1992 and was attended by a small but enthusiastic group of Rovers. The trip was a holiday and a service project. Some reached the peak of Mount Kilimajnaro after a long and difficult walk in low O2 air.

Some of the other activities included:

  • Moots
  • Annual trips to Foster
  • Crew’s 70th Birthday party with some 200 ex-Rovers attending
  • Some members of the Crew attended the ‘95-’96 OzMoot held at Cataract Scout Camp.
    The Crew also did a lot of service, winning the Baden-Powell Lodge Bannerette for Service in 1990.

(Partial Reference: Lynda Pilgrim February 1998)

This was the David Simpson era.

The Crew was strong through out this period starting with a transition period at the turn of the decade. Interestingly, the Crew started off being “outdoorsy” but seemed to evolve into a more social animal after a few years.

The late 70’s saw activities like:

  • Caving at Wee Jasper
  • Budgewoi Beach Camp
  • Den renovations in January 1979

Then there is a large blank with regards to log entries until the canyoning trip down The Grand Canyon near Blackheath in March 1982. Wine tasting appeared to be a popular past time with two such activities in 1982. Regular camps and moots were attended, such as Wollondilly River Camp and numerous Elizabeth Beach weekends.

A week long Snow trip at Falls Creek in July 1983 was well attended and enjoyed.

In 1984, some members attended the 1st Asia Pacific 19th Australian Rover Moot in Tasmania. The Crew also won the “Service” and “Most organised campfire award” at the North Metropolitan Area Moot, “Hooray for Hollywood”.

Another major event of this period was the “Epping Snow Bus” which due to lack of snow headed north instead of south.

The Group celebrated its 70th year and the Crew commemorated this with a dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Service in this period included work at Cataract Scout Camp, door knocking for a National Parks and Wildlife Appeal, collection of toys for Christmas, and joint activities with other sections.

David Simpson wrote a log entry titled “1983 - THE YEAR of THE CREW”. It is an important insight into the Crew of the time and something that everyone should read.

During this period the Crew was extremely “outdoorsy”. Numbers in the second half of the 1960’s were between 13 and 15 as recorded in the logbook. However, Wayne Finch has talked of 30 members.

Some of the activities written of in the logbook are as follows:


  • Caving Wee Jasper 71
  • Caving Tuglon


  • Ding
  • Beach Camo
  • Snow weekend - camping at Island Bend
  • Inter-crew night - 1st Lindfield
  • Slide night - Of a members Philippines Trip


  • State
  • Queensland State Moot
  • Area Moot


  • Volunteer fire brigade
  • Opening of The Brett Parker Memorial Guide Hall
  • Scouting display at the Royal Easter Show
  • Search and Rescue exercise
  • Epping district rally
  • Navigation Course


  • Rambler’s walk
  • Otford - Garie - Otford
  • Coastal walk
  • Cronulla to Epping on a Friday Night - Eleven members walked 34 miles in 8 hours.
  • Blue gum forest
  • Hilltop to Cournisjah
  • Yerranderrie walk


  • Eric’s revenge — Arathausa Canyon 27/03/1965
  • Attempt to beat 1st Parramatta record of doing the canyon in two days. Seven members of 1st Epping and other Crews started early on Saturday morning.They encounted a number of abseils as well as plenty of long cold swims. The group got to Evan’s Lookout at 4:30 PM and 5 of the group were home at 7:00 PM (an hour late) where as two others had a long slow trip home.

From Durian, Jubilee Edition, November 1965:

In the early years of the movement, Rover Scouts were a patrol attached to the Boy Scout Troop, and in April 1922, a Rover Patrol of 1st Epping Troop was registered with 10 members.

In 1926, one lone Rover Scout was registered, none in 1927 and four in 1928. 1929 was a nil return again, but 1930 shows eight. The next three years saw a fluctuation between nil and four, and the Rovers lapsed. In April 1949, a Rover Scout Crew was registered with 14 members and Mr. C. Rose as Rover Scout Leader. 1955 saw the Crew reduced to four officially, although the actual number was greater, including some that held Warrants in the Association. The Old Boys reunion of 1955 records eleven members plus the Rover Scout Leader, Group Scoutmaster and twelve visitors. 1957 saw the demise of the Crew, due apparently to the marriage of several of the members, and the new requirements that the Rover Scout age limit be 24 years.

With a Senior Scout Troop having been commenced in 1959, there was a need for a Rover Crew to cater for the older boys. And in March 1960, Mr. Fred Gilmore transferred his Warrant from Scoutmaster (senior) to Rover Scout Leader, concurrent with an application for registration of the Rover Scout Crew. With four members increasing to six in 1961, nine in 1962, fifteen in 1963, thirteen in 1964, whilst this years census showed fifteen. With a strong Senior Troop feeding, it is hoped the Crew is now firmly established, and indeed the Group would miss the work done by the Crew – apart from the benefit derived by the individual members from belonging to an organisation which is training to be of service to others.

With a motto of service, the Crew over the years has endeavoured to give Service. 1929 saw the opening of the State Training Camp at Pennant Hills, and the Group established a campsite there. The Rovers of that period were active in the clearing and preparation of the site, and records show that a considerable time was spent on this activity. Assisting with the conducting of the Scout Troops and testing at competitions has been a time-honoured job of Rover Scouts, and 1st Epping has been no exception.

In the 1950s the Crew only met monthly, but in addition had at various times a “Fleur de Lays” Club, which was a Social Club, and a Rover Tennis Club.

Since the formation of the present Crew, formal meetings have been held weekly, with activities most weekends and on other nights in the weekend.

Activities over the past five years have covered a wide variety of subjects – hiking, caving, rock climbing, sailing and rowing, canoeing, skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, squash and of course motoring. Cultural pursuits included picture and theatre evenings, musicals and St. George Day Services.

Service jobs carried out by the Crew over the last five years are far to numerous to mention, but covered:

  • Blood Donations
  • Members of Area Search and Rescue Squad
  • Members of Muogomarra Bush Fire Brigade
  • Attendance at Mittagong Home for Delinquent Boys to conduct Scout Troop
  • Members “Bundilla” Camp staff
  • Assistance to Epping Senior Citizens Club
  • Assistance in preparation of Guide Camps
  • Cooking for District Training Courses for Boys and also for Queen's Scout Camps
  • Co-operation with the other Sections of the Group is excellent, and the Rover Scouts participate in all Group functions.

A real Service job of course is the publication month after month of the Group magazine “Durian”. Anyone who has tried to obtain articles each month for such a magazine will appreciate the job.

In 1963 the Crew won the trophy for the Camp Fire item at the Area Rover Moot and finished third in the Tourney. Just to show their versatility they won the award for the best decorated table at the State Rover-Ranger Ball.